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So Much To Do, So Little Time

April 08, 2019

I’m going to kick off this late night post with a good ol’ list of things I’ve been wanting to learn & tackle… just to remind myself

This is certainly a lot huh. At one point I was using Trello to keep track of my learning with their “cards”… but Trello pretty much sucks. It’s the kindergarten version of JIRA, which I miss using so much.

Pick Three

Each of these points are essentially “low hanging fruit”, and I have varying degrees of motivation to improve each of them. Focusing has definitely been very hard the past week due to interviews, and just general stress and lack of direction.

Alas, I know I need to prioritize a few - maybe 2 or 3 at most. But how? Let’s try this:

If you were stranded on an island, and you could only pick 3 things to study / improve upon, which of those previous points would you pick, and why?

1. CS Fundamentals

This is probably my lowest hanging fruit, and such a huge topic. I’m confident that if focus on this, the benefits will inevitably overflow to all other aspects of my programming.

Confidence level: 1/5
Fun factor: 3/5
Motivation: 1/5
Importance: Very High
Returns: A LOT

2. React Hooks

I love React but I feel like my understanding really stalled after I learned how to use the (most basic) useState hook. To add to the list, I also have some other annoying gaps in my understanding, like how to use refs properly.

I just remembered, I need to read https://overreacted.io/

Confidence level: 2/5
Fun factor: 3/5
Motivation: 4/5
Importance: High
Returns: I’ll get better at understanding anything react-related

3. Improve coffeecodeclimb.com

This includes everything under gatsby and certainly is the most fun. I definitely need something to maintain the fun aspect in all of this. However, I don’t think the things I’ll learn here are the most transferrable when it comes to broadening my skillset as a programmer. Sure, I’ll get better at using the specific tools that help add functionality to this gatsby.js blog, but it’s a pretty narrow/limited scope.

Confidence level: 3/5
Fun factor: 5/5
Motivation: 3/5
Importance: Low
Returns: I’ll get better at understanding the tools used for a gatsby-site

Well, Sunday is over by now. Time to sleep, and then get right back to it… and try to avoid burnout.

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