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Setting Goals For 2019

April 25, 2019


Here's a pic of Haleakalā National Park (11-30-2018). The room one has to improve, in any craft, is like Haleakalaā's expanse - endless.

First goal, check...

And I thought it was a pretty tall order. It was to get my first real programming job. I left a steady full time job at the start of 2019 to go into self-teaching React and Computer Science, fulltime. I spent four pretty stressful and scary months grinding and questioning everything. I saw a ton of Lambda School success-tweets and suffered from severe FOMO, though I never caved. I put in some "nice charitable work" (as my brother puts it) at an unpaid web development internship. I applied to a handful of companies. I responded to recruiter inquiries. I failed some interviews, I passed some interviews. I eventually found an amazing team that I'll be starting with in four days as a Front End Engineer.

What's next?

This is a good question. I don't know. I poured so much time and energy and emotion into the past four months that achieving my one goal has left a huge void in me. This will probably change as soon as I start and get into the groove of work life again. I had no idea what do what to do with the time between accepting the offer and my start date, and now that it's nearly up, I'm pretty regretful that I didn't do more.

Travel, or climbing trips

I want to see different landscapes, experience different cultures, and climb some cool rocks. Number one on the list is probably Fontainebleau, France. I'm not yet sure what follows after that. Roy, New Mexico? I want to experience this with a good crew of friends.

Get back into sport climbing shape

A year or two ago, I was extremely psyched on sport climbing and one particular route at Rumney, NH, "Suburban". The grade was and still is well beyond my ability but it was working in segments, which was extremely fun. I've since been bouldering primarily out of convenience but also not climbing as much, so my fitness has been non-existent.

Keep learning computer science fundamentals

This is still very much a weakness of mine. Data structures, algorithms. I know I still need considerable mileage working with these.

Pickup another programming language or framework

For the one month birthday of coffeecodeclimb, I converted the majority of the code base to TypeScript and I'll likely continue learning TypeScript. I'm also curious about Deno, Rust, and Tokio, but I don't yet know of any use cases for any of them.

Any suggestions?

Seriously, do you have any suggestions? Spray your goals-beta, because I definitely would like to hear what goals others are setting for themselves.

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