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Onboarding; Drugs; Code; Danny Meyer; Avengers;

May 04, 2019

The new capsule office sign

Onboarding; Drugs; Code;

...And just like that, week one of my new position as Front End Engineer at Capsule Pharmacy has flown by. There was a ton of onboarding, getting process overviews, and shadowing other departments. All of it was very cool, but a bit much to take in in a week. As far as anything code-related, I got exposure to a few different projects through engineering and architecture meetings. Most of it was Python and Django and backend, which only added to the "bit much to take in". (Remember, I'm mostly a front end guy whose training is essentially the React and Gatsby documentation)

I did get to start working and contributing to the code base already though, fixing a few small front end bugs. There some libraries that I need to learn in order to be comfortable in the project:

  1. Redux - honestly, it's about time I get around to learning this. I'm excited!

  2. Formik - I've known about Formik for a while. Yay, also excited!

  3. Recompact - what? Deprecated!? Ehh... welp, will learn anyways.

I know it's only dave 5, but I dream for a day where I get to use TypeScript and Hooks.

Oh yea, I also got to see A LOT of drugs.

"Setting the Table" by Danny Meyer

I've known about this book ever since I was a barista at Blue Bottle Coffee, but never read it. I finally got around to buying a copy and have been chipping away at it during my 1hr 10m commutes, to and from work. If you haven't worked in hospitality, this book may not mean that much to you, but I have and the stories of triumphs and failures that Danny tells have been amazing so far. There are a few concepts that I strongly believe in, that I could never properly explain, but the book nails them perfectly. I should probably write a post these values.

Avengers: Endgame

No spoilers here. Just a great movie to cap off a dense but exciting week. I definitely teared up.

How has your week been?

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