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First Climbing Trips of 2019

April 14, 2019

Saturday, April 6

The Gunks, NY

Connie and I went out on our first outdoor climbing trip for 2019. The weather was cool and we were in for a beautiful day to ease back into outdoor climbing. We headed out to Carriage Road at the Gunks because we figured it would be the “driest” spot nearby (if I remember correctly, it rained the day before).

We arrived at “stairmaster” and instantly realized how out-of-shape we were. We tried just get back into the swing of things and re-familiarize ourselves with real rock. We added some new warm-ups to our list that we always walked past, but never touched before: Clune Crank (V1) & Keyhole Crack Left (V0). We also flailed around on Winter’s Agony (V6) out of curiosity. Those holds are small, and the moves are far!

Fast forward a bit, we made it back to Black Boulder and we just decided to spend the rest of our day there. Most of stuff was either wet, or off-limits for the 2019 Peregrine Climbing Closure.

We tried Black Boulder Problem several times in 2018, but we both were always fixated on other climbers’ beta that never worked for us, so we just never made much progress on the problem.

I managed to send Black Boulder Problem for the first time, due to some thigh-scum-beta-discovery that helped me hit & match “the crimp”. Connie was able to figure out her own beta as well, but ultimately was too tired to piece it all together that day.

We made a goal to return in one week for her to send, me to resend, and capture all that on video. I was so psyched, and ansty all week, in anticipation for the following weekend.

Saturday, April 13

The Gunks, NY… round 2

It rained the night before, and up until 9am, day of. There was one point where the humidity for New Paltz was over 90%. We packed some croissants, filled with smoked salmon, and departed on our 2 hour drive from Bayside. We went through the exact same warm-ups last week, and kind of rushed back to Black Boulder. Two different groups came and went in the time that we spent there. It was a pretty fun time.

I had brought my camera for one purpose - to record Connie’s send-go of Black Boulder - and in the midst of both of us just trying to refigure things out and having fun climbing with some other folks, she sent it… off camera.

There was no way we were going to forgo our original goal of “capturing it all on video”, so we spent the next hour or two flailing and punting while attempting to re-send Black Boulder… on video.

Our bodies and our skin hated us. The result was well worth it… Sort of 😅.

Here’s a video recap of our day:

Also, note to self:


I get really self conscious holding a camera with a fat microphone on top, or even just a camera in general. (I don’t think I was ever cut out to be behind a camera.) So even though I carried my external microphone around all day at The Gunks, I didn’t use it, so the audio in the video is kind of horrible… I’m stupid.

Do these comments work yet?

I spent most of today (Sunday) trying to re-implement disqus on this blog to handle comments (for each individual blog post). Hopefully it works now. Also spent the evening re-familiarizing myself with Adobe Premiere Pro, and getting back into the groove of making videos.

Leave a comment below if you liked Connie’s sick send! Or just write something random! I don’t expect anyone to be reading this at all, but it would be cool to hear from any readers.

Good night for now!

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